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1-24 of 131 Results

1-24 of 131 Results


      Chevrolet Impala Engine Cylinder Head

      Responsive, powerful and fast, your Chevy Impala always attracts attention whenever you hit the road. Keep it performing well for years to come with a new Chevrolet Impala cylinder head from AutoZone. Cylinder heads close the combustion chambers for your engine, so timely replacements are vital to keep your vehicle running strong.

      Impala cylinder heads that need replacement are detected in a few ways. The first, most noticeable sign is white smoke coming from the tailpipe. Bubbling antifreeze in the radiator and coolant blow-outs are also commonly experienced, and milky oil from coolant contamination confirms it. Easily get the replacement part you need with AutoZone's Same Day Store Pickup option. Visit your local store today and benefit from trustworthy advice provided by our helpful staff, as well as our handy Loan-a-Tool program for quick installation.