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Continental Idler Pulley 49381K

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Part # 49381K
SKU # 821055
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The front-end accessory drive system on this vehicle has historically had problems with throwing belts in rain and snow. Many of the problems have been the result of system misalignment and/or water ingression. Not being satisfied with the solutions available to consumers, continental OE series?? re-engineered the drive and created this fix-kit. The kit consists of a new tensioner with a grooved pulley (the original tensioner has a smooth pulley), a new grooved routing idler (the original is smooth), and a double-sided serpentine belt. The grooves on the belt lock-into the grooves on the tensioner and routing pulleys making it near impossible to throw the belt. This system will solve the belt throwing problem once and for all!
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    Changing the belt and tensioner together can extend accessory drive life and lower overall labor
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    Manufactured by the world's largest original equipment supplier of accessory drive tensioners and pulleys
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    Internal tensioner "round spring" technology provides constant belt tension and alignment throughout its service life
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    Installation instructions included
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    Instructions included
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    Replacement idler & tensioner for this kit are available