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1-24 of 3174 Results


      Intake Manifold Gasket

      Diagnosing Engine Problems

      The best intake manifold gaskets for cars and trucks keep your engine running smoothly without leaks or overheating. These gaskets rank as probably the most important in the entire engine. When the intake manifold gaskets fail, the engine can overheat or misfire. The failing gasket can cause problems with the air-fuel ratio needed for effective engine performance. Fuel economy can take when there's a leak in the intake manifold costing you more money at the gas pump. Other failure systems include coolant leaks and a decrease in acceleration and power. The last thing you need on the way to work is for engine problems especially if they've been going on for a while. Replace the gaskets and get back to a smoother, efficiently running vehicle.

      Lowering Part Prices

      Find intake manifold gaskets near me that are low priced and of the highest quality at AutoZone. The gaskets provide the seal between the cylinder heads and the intake manifold maintaining the pressure and vacuum needed for the engine. Noticing puddles, leaks or smells could indicate the coolant leaking caused by a bad manifold gasket. As the coolant leaks, the engine has a greater chance of overheating. Paying attention to the symptoms of failing manifold gaskets can prevent you from being stranded. The gaskets are made of plastic, metal or rubber and even a combination of all three. The small gap between the intake manifold and engine are filled with the casket to prevent excessive air from entering the cylinders. It's always a good idea to replace the gaskets if you plan to replace the intake manifold itself. New gaskets ensure a proper seal. Relying on old ones may require replacement sooner than expected leading to engine issues.

      Helping Home Mechanics

      AutoZone has the lowest prices on intake manifold gaskets. Pick up some coolant if the failing gaskets caused a leak. There is more than one reason for some of the symptoms, but replacing the gaskets is a cost-effective fix to the problem. To replace the gaskets, you also need a jack, wheel chocks, drain pan, safety glasses, funnel and jack stands. If you have questions, the knowledgeable staff at AutoZone can help you find the answers. We carry the manuals to make working on your vehicle easier. Determined home mechanics can handle the challenging job of replacing the manifold gaskets. Using the proper safety equipment prevents further problems for you and your vehicle. In addition, you may need a gasket scraper, shop vacuum and hose clamp pliers along with standard mechanical tools such as wrench sets to complete the job. Purchase the right RTV sealer for your vehicle to ensure the gasket seals properly. Following the make and model's book helps you keep your engine running after you replace the gaskets. Get back on the road with the knowledgeable staff at AutoZone.