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Victor Reinz Intake Manifold Gasket 11-10690-01

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Victor Reinz1047480
Part # 11-10690-01
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Withstanding harsh environments, while sealing fuel, air, coolant, and oil, is the challenging task for intake manifold gaskets. MaxDry MeshGuard intake manifold gaskets not only provide maximum sealing ability, but also safeguards the cylinders from damage. Its one-of-a-kind screen barrier filters out debris and protects your engine in the event of valve seat breakage. It is especially valuable to prevent warranty claims on newly rebuilt or remanufactured engines that previously suffered valve seat failure — because valve seat debris can get lodged in the intake manifold, or elsewhere. This debris can break loose at any time and cause major engine damage, unless stopped by MaxDry MeshGuard.
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    Stainless steel mesh screen won't deteriorate over time and provides barrier to capture metal shards of broken valve seat before ingestion into the engine.