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    1-24 of 6128 Results

    About Motor Mount

    Protect your engine and stop excessive engine vibration and noises from under your hood with a new motor mount from AutoZone. With the right price on trustworthy brands like Duralast, Energy Suspension, and Rodatech, AutoZone has the parts you need to do the job right. Buy online and get shipping with next day delivery or pick up your parts today in an AutoZone near you.

    Whether you’re cruising the highway or rolling around town, your motor mounts are smoothing out the ride by absorbing vibration from the engine. A motor or engine mount has two jobs: mounting the engine to the vehicle’s chassis and dampening vibrations from operation of the engine. A broken mount cannot support or secure the engine as well as a working one would. This causes noticeable symptoms like vibration and impact noises from the engine bay, where an insecurely mounted engine can move around in the engine compartment, potentially damaging the engine and other components. The vibration is often most noticeable when the vehicle idles with the transmission engaged.

    AutoZone makes finding the right part easy. If you need a Ford Focus motor mount, simply enter your Focus’s year, make, model, and engine up above, and we’ll find the right part for you. It works the same way no matter what you drive. We carry auto parts for all major makes and models.

    The mount is made of steel and rubber. The steel is strong enough to hold the engine in place, and the rubber is malleable enough to absorb the vibrations generated by the engine’s many moving pieces. Because the motor mount is responsible for holding the engine in place, a broken motor mount can be a bad situation that keeps getting worse. Damage to one mount can increase strain on all the other mounts, making maintenance crucial to prevent further damage to engine mounts, or your vehicle’s engine. This is why multiple mounts often need to be replaced at once after driving on a worn mount. Get a rear or front motor mount today and spare yourself damage (or even a broken engine!) down the road.

    Restore your vehicle’s motor support with one of AutoZone’s top-notch motor mounts. We carry a wide variety of mounts that are specially engineered after analyzing OE parts to meet or exceed your vehicle’s factory performance. Get an engine mount made from high quality hardened steel and rubber designed for maximum life and performance.

    When you need a new motor mount, turn to AutoZone. We have the parts you need. Ask a store associate to get the right part for your vehicle, or shop online with your vehicle’s information. You can even find the right parts using your vehicle’s VIN number. With free next day delivery and same day in-store pick up, AutoZone has everything you need to get back on the road quickly.