Nissan/Datsun Xterra Motor Mount

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1-14 of 14 Results

    1-14 of 14 Results

    About Nissan/Datsun Xterra Motor Mount

    A lot of vehicles may be too fragile to take off-road, but your Nissan Xterra was specifically designed to handle new and adventurous paths. If your Nissan Xterra motor mount wears down, AutoZone has the perfect replacement for your needs.

    A motor mount keeps your engine protected and operational. When your motor mount breaks down, the engine becomes misaligned, and it begins to droop or sag, impairing its functionality. Parts within the engine become cracked or loose, and radiator hoses and fan belts are also at risk of becoming damaged. Don't risk the well-being of your SUV, as well as your own personal safety, when you can easily find an Xterra motor mount replacement at AutoZone.