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Whiteline Front Motor Mount KBR39

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Part # KBR39
SKU # 240056
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Subaru designed the pitch stop mount to assist in controlling the engine and drivetrain forward and aft twisting motion. The pitch stop is inherently soft due to the plastic body and high compliance rubber bushing design and was built for comfort and not responsiveness or feel. Whiteline's Billet 6061-T6 aluminium pitch stop mounting is built to handle the demands of high torque and power output engines by limiting the amount of movement the engine and drivetrain will place upon the pitch stop. Utilising low compliance bushing technology this eliminates the slop, twisting and shudder found in the OEM rubber bushings allowing for a faster, positive, responsive feel of power delivery on and off the throttle.
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    Bracing maintains alignment angles and spring rates by greatly reducing body or chassis flex.
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    Featuring premium anodized alloy materials, Whiteline alloy products are anodized providing a long-lasting protective barrier to corrosion and wear but they look great too.
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    Install guide included providing detailed instructions on how to install your new Whiteline purchase.
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    1 Pitch Mount, Install Guide