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Oil Drain Plug

Taking Care of Every Detail
Experienced car owners know that even the smallest part can cause a huge problem for the health of your vehicle. One of these components is your oil drain plug. This plug performs an important role in the safety of your vehicle all while getting very little attention and maintenance. That is why AutoZone is happy to provide the best oil drain plugs for car and trucks at our many convenient locations and at our online shop. Take a step towards taking care of your vehicle and experience the customer service that has made AutoZone one of the most trusted auto parts suppliers.

Oil Leak Prevention
As its name suggests, this plug is situated near your oil engine pan. It is typically found either on the side or the bottom of the pan. The plug is usually accompanied by a gasket or washer to help seal your pan. After years of heat and dirt from your engine, these parts may corrode or may become damaged. If you notice a constantly dropping oil level or see oil leaks under your car, then it may be time to buy a new plug. AutoZone advises checking for other tears or holes in your pan to deduce whether or not a larger repair is necessary.

Quality Parts at Affordable Prices
If you find that your entire oil pan isn't in need of a repair, then head over to one of our AutoZone locations to purchase a quality oil plug. Our selection contains many different sizes and brands. Many plugs fit just like your factory-made parts for a fit that is secure and that lasts. Browse among brands like Dorman, Needa Parts, Branick Industries and URO. Each is made from superior materials that handle the grind of the road. Our selection also has a variety of prices so you can choose the one that suits your wallet. Thanks to our hard-working team, we have some of the lowest prices on oil drain plugs in comparison to our competitors. Save yourself from the time and expense from an entire oil pan repair with a premium oil drain plug.

Customer Care Built Just for You
Another great reason to shop with AutoZone is our excellent customer care. Our employees are more than ready to help you with any question or concern on a part. We know the ins and outs of each car part in order to bring you accurate information. Each team member is ready to go out of their way to get a client back out on the road with the part and information they need. For over three decades, AutoZone has dedicated its time to improving our customer care and making your shopping experience easier. All you have to do to experience this amazing service is search up “oil drain plugs near me” and you'll find your local AutoZone. Shop with us today!