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1-24 of 120 Results


      Oil Drain Plug Gasket

      Protect Your Engine

      There's nothing like a road trip; whether with family, friends or alone, the feel of freedom and having control of your life increases with each mile. However, that great feeling can turn into a nightmare if your engine loses oil pressure. There are quite a few horror stories on the internet about careless mechanics or oil change technicians not replacing the oil drain plug after servicing, often causing catastrophic engine damage and sometimes leaving customers stranded in bad or isolated areas. One key method for securing the plug is with a plug gasket, and AutoZone has the lowest prices on engine oil drain plug gaskets.

      A Gasket Makes All the Difference

      Gaskets are used in many areas in an automobile to stop leaks and allow higher pressures than would otherwise be possible. However, the oil plug gasket does something even more important: it acts like a locknut, holding the plug in very securely when properly tightened. Oil leaks can cause damage to driveways, garages and the engine's exterior, but the main concern here is to ensure the plug doesn't come out. The gaskets aren't expensive but are only designed for single use; once they've been installed and then loosened, they won't secure the plug anymore. Cheap gaskets have also broken during tightening, so always choose the best engine oil drain plug gaskets for cars and trucks that you can get.

      Don't Ignore the Engine Oil Light!

      If the plug falls out, often the only way you'll know is when the engine oil light comes on – or your engine has seized up. If you see your oil light turn on, you should immediately – but safely! – pull off the road, as far from traffic as possible. Check your oil; if it's below the line indicating minimum acceptable level, you may damage your engine with any further driving. Look under your vehicle for signs of oil leaking or take notice if there's a burning smell. If there's still a little oil showing on the dipstick and it isn't actively leaking, you can possibly drive to a nearby mechanic or somewhere you can work on your vehicle to fix the problem. If oil is dripping out or the plug is missing, you need to have the vehicle towed; even idling can quickly destroy an engine with no oil.

      Fortunately, Oil Plug Gaskets Are Easy to Find

      Your next logical question might be, “where are engine oil drain plug gaskets near me?” AutoZone has a huge selection, all of which are carefully engineered to create the right torque for each vehicle model. If you change your own oil, you'll have to have the right gasket. Even if you don't but are mechanically-inclined, you should keep one on hand; some oil technicians just don't care about your vehicle as much as you, and having a spare in the glove box can make the difference between a great vacation and an expensive disaster.