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1-24 of 164 Results


      Oil Filler Cap

      The oil filler cap plays a vital role in maintaining the oil tank’s pressure, cleanliness and containment, making it crucial to keeping your vehicle running and reliable.

      Is it Safe to Drive Without an Oil Cap?

      Short answer: definitely not. There are several reasons why driving without an oil cap is dangerous, and since oil cap replacement is so easy to do yourself, there’s really no need to proceed on the road without one.

      Even with a new oil filter, your engine can easily become contaminated with dust or other debris that will disrupt and destroy your engine, resulting in a repair that could cost you thousands of dollars. Another consequence of driving without a capped oil tank is losing all of the oil from your engine - resulting in two likely and dangerous outcomes.

      First, when oil escapes from the tank and soaks any part of your hot engine, it could create smoke and even flames under your hood. The second issue that could ensue is running out of oil completely - resulting in a destroyed engine. And if that just reminded you to check your oil levels, be sure to check the engine oil dipstick to help measure your levels accurately.

      What to Do When You Lose an Oil Cap

      If you’ve accidentally dropped your oil cap somewhere in the engine bay, it’s recommended that you do everything you can to find and retrieve it.

      There are some options for securing your oil tank while waiting on a replacement cap, but your best bet is to order a cap with AutoZone and enjoy Free In-Store Pickup or Free Next Day Delivery to get the part you need in a safe and quick manner.

      Get the Right Part at the Right Price

      Tired of buying a part that doesn’t even fit your vehicle? Rather than sifting through user reviews or trying to locate a vehicle spec on a product page, simply set your year make and model above and shop confidently that each oil filler cover is specifically designed to fit your vehicle. You can also shop for other oil components like oil pressure switches, knowing that they’re OEM quality and from a trusted brand.

      AutoZone has the lowest prices on quality oil filler caps and will ensure you get your part quickly when needed. Enjoy Free In-Store Pickup, Free Curbside Pickup & Free Next Day Delivery on eligible fuel tank caps and other essential auto parts.