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STP Oil Filter S10075
  • Part # S10075
  • SKU # 904249
Notes: Cartridge type
ACDelco Oil Filter PF461G
  • Part # PF461G
  • SKU # 894577
Notes: Aluminum filter housing


2013 BMW 328i Oil Filter

Explosions, intake, and wear can contaminate motor oil. That's where your 2013 BMW 328i oil filter comes in. As oil passes through the filter media, contaminants are left behind so clean oil can flow back to the engine. An old filter can cause dirty exhaust, overheating, and low oil pressure, so it's important to take care of this maintenance item quickly. Luckily, there's a replacement schedule in your owner's manual, which should always be followed. Shop our selection of replacement 2013 328i oil filters from trusted brands and pick the right one for your ride.