Oil Pressure Switch

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    1-24 of 498 Results

    About Oil Pressure Switch

    Don't Ignore Your Vehicle's Oil Pressure

    Your oil pressure switch is a vital car part that turns on the warning light to let you know the oil pressure in your vehicle has fallen below a functional level. It lets you know if your car is running low on oil. Just like any other part, this switch may have issues that cause it to stop working. Oil levels are important to monitor for safety reasons, so unreliable switches should be replaced immediately.

    Watch Out for These Common Systems

    There are plenty of potential signs that you need to replace your oil pressure switch. If your check engine light is on, it could be because the engine control unit has detected that the switch has stopped working. A faulty switch may be the cause of an oil leak, though there are plenty of other potential causes for oil leaks, so this warrants a close inspection under the hood. The surest way to tell that the oil pressure switch is malfunctioning is a warning light that either never turns off, or never turns on. At that point, the switch is not regulating the light according to the oil pressure.

    The Lowest Prices on Oil Pressure Switches

    We offer the lowest prices on oil pressure switches, making this simple DIY project even easier. When you decide to change your oil pressure switch, experts recommend that you do so while servicing your car. Before you can change the oil pressure switch, you need to find where it is in your car. This varies depending upon the model, but a good rule of thumb is to look near the oil filter. Draining the oil pan first will give you better access to the switch. After draining it into a container, you can remove the oil filter. It should be connected to a cable, which you can unplug after you remove the rubber covering. Use an oil filter wrench to unscrew the switch. Clean the cable before you install the new switch, and then secure the new part with a socket wrench and roll the rubber covering over it. Once the covering is back on, reattach the cable to complete the installation.

    Find What You Need Fast

    AutoZone has hundreds of the best oil pressure switches for cars and trucks available. Find the one that fits your model of car, so you can replace this part yourself. Our search tool allows you to enter your car's year, make, model and engine and then only shows you parts that are compatible with your vehicle. Once you enter this information once, you can shop around the website and see only the car parts and accessories are compatible with your car, for more convenient shopping.

    Expert Help In-Store and Online

    AutoZone is the answer for those who are searching out oil pressure switches near me. Whether you shop in-store or online, you are sure to find the parts and tools you need to complete your project. Use our capable search function, or ask one of our expert staff members in person.