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1-24 of 125 Results


      ACDelco Spark Plug

      Your vehicle comes with spark plugs to fire up the engine and create the spark it needs to run. If your vehicle is struggling to start, stumbles while it's runnging, or the Check Engine Light is on, the problem might be with your spark plugs. If you're looking for the best car ignitions, starting system, or spark plugs, AutoZone has them.

      ACDelco spark plugs are critical for the ignition process of your vehicle. These plugs ignite the fuel and air mixture to create the explosion needed to produce power in your engine. The compact plugs are used to create a bridge of electricity between two electrodes that are not touching to allow the electricity to move between them. The plugs begin the combustion process to generate the power required to keep your vehicle moving.

      Why Choose ACDelco Spark Plugs?

      AC Delco spark plugs are engineered to provide the best performance for your engine. These plugs are rigorously tested under extreme conditions to ensure that they deliver reliable performance. ACDelco plugs are created from the highest quality materials to ensure that electricity is seamlessly transferred. Choosing this brand gives you years of confidence with lasting durability. Whether you're searching for internal engine components, external parts of engine, or ACDelco spark plugs, AutoZone is the ideal destination to shop for parts. You can find the right parts for your vehicle by using the year, make, model, and engine size filters. Get your parts conveniently with options like Free Next-Day Delivery and easy pickup choices.