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1-24 of 188 Results


      Bosch Spark Plug

      An engine needs air, fuel, and ignition to run, and spark plugs perform the third role. It causes the atomized fuel to explode in the cylinder, but if the spark plugs are no good, you'll suffer from lack of power and the Check Engine light can come on due to a misfire. If you want to restore your engine's performance, Bosch spark plugs are external parts of engine systems that will put you back in power, and AutoZone carries a huge range.

      Bosch spark plug options are available for virtually every make and model. When they're installed, you get reliable and long-lasting ignition inside the cylinder. Whether you drive a compact car for commuting or a heavy-duty truck with a gas engine on the farm, there are options available with designs that use copper, platinum, or iridium electrodes for a strong spark and years of use.

      Why Choose Bosch Spark Plugs?

      Like all Bosch parts, spark plugs have been developed to comply with the highest standards over decades of manufacturing. When you buy a part with the Bosch name on it, whether it's one of the best car ignitions components or an alternator, expect class-leading performance and parts that apply to a broad range of makes and models. And when you shop at AutoZone, get access to a massive catalog of auto parts, accessories, fluids, and tools from trusted suppliers like Bosch. Find the right spark plugs for your vehicle when you filter by year, make, model, and engine size, and get them fast with convenient store pickup options or Free Next-Day Delivery on eligible orders.