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1-24 of 68 Results


      Motorcraft Spark Plug

      Your engine's combustion process is essentially hundreds of mini explosions inside the cylinder every minute, and it’s the spark plugs that act like a match lighting the fuse. If one or more of your spark plugs isn’t working properly, you won’t have the power you normally would and your car may not be dependable. Fortunately at AutoZone, Motorcraft spark plugs are available to replace your car’s worn-out plugs perfectly, and at a great price too.

      Unlocking the power-producing potential in gasoline is no small feat, and you need spark plugs to make it happen. A small spark when the air-fuel mixture is compressed in the combustion chamber forces the piston to move downward, which in turn spins the crankshaft. The function is the same whether you have a car, truck, van, or SUV, or if you need spark plugs for a boat or ATV. Motorcraft has solutions for all kinds of vehicles.

      Why Choose Motorcraft Spark Plugs?

      When you need a tune-up, Motorcraft spark plugs are a great choice to install. These external parts of engine functions are backed by a two-year warranty and are for more than just Ford vehicles. There are options to fit most makes and models. Choose from options including iridium-tipped, platinum-tip, and nickel-alloy spark plugs for long life and dependable driving.

      Discover the best car ignitions, spark plugs, and tune-up parts when you shop at AutoZone. Get the right fit when you sort by year, make, model, and engine size, and choose from convenient options like Free Next-Day Delivery and Same-Day In-Store Pickup to get your parts in hand fast.