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1-24 of 551 Results


      NGK Spark Plug

      Your vehicle needs spark plugs to start the engine and delivery a consistent power output. If you're noticing inefficient vehicle performance and signs like a Check Engine light, loss of power, and misfiring motor, you need to replace your spark plugs. NGK spark plugs are the ideal replacement option, and you can find them along with the best car ignitions at AutoZone.

      To select the right spark plug for your vehicle, check out the heat range of the plug to ensure that you're able to get your desired performance out of your vehicle. The correct spark plug depends on the nature of your vehicle and your required specifications. You can choose between a variety of different NGK spark plugs, including Iridium, Ruthenium, Platinum, and Copper, at AutoZone.

      Why Choose NGK Spark Plugs?

      NGK spark plugs are designed to deliver high performance under extreme conditions and high temperatures. NGK plugs provide more spark to the firing tip to combust more fuel and deliver a higher horsepower. The durable plug design also ensures that you're able to get maximum performance from your engine. When you're searching for NGK spark plugs, AutoZone has a complete variety of plugs at affordable places. You can also find external parts of engine like headlights, wiper blades, and bulbs with the year, make, model, and engine size filters. Get your parts conveniently with options like Free Next-Day Delivery, or Same-Day In-Store Pickup.