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Dodge Ram 1500 Spark Plug

When it comes to switching out your spark plugs, you need performance-grade replacements to handle the full-size force of your Dodge Ram's engine. For superior dependability from parts that last, go with the Ram performance spark plugs from AutoZone's premium selection.

Our spark plugs for Dodge Ram are specifically designed for your high-performance engine. Choosing the wrong type of spark plugs leads to misfire and damage, so it's important to be specific to ensure that your plugs maintain the right amount of contact with your cylinders. This keeps heat in check and your spark in tune, so you don't waste time during a busy workday. At AutoZone, we offer easy Same-Day Store Pickup with every Dodge Ram spark plug.

Back On The Road In a Flash
Whether your Dodge Ram-1500 is in need of engine repairs or just a little bit of routine maintenance, you can be back on the road in a flash after a visit to your neighborhood AutoZone. We are proud to carry the best spark plugs for Dodge Ram-1500 trucks and our knowledgeable employees are ready to help with any installation or repair questions. Not every spark plug is made in the same way, so it is important to make sure you choose the right equipment for the job.

It Only Takes a Spark

Both modern and classic combustion engines rely on fully functioning spark plugs in order to operate properly. Without a working spark plug, engines can misfire or have trouble starting. In the worst cases, the engine will simply not run. Depending on the type of engine your Dodge Ram-1500 is fitted with, you may need anywhere from two to 16 spark plugs for best operation. Come to AutoZone and pop the hood for one of our experienced staff to take a look at your engine. Spark plugs come in all sorts of materials, like copper, iridium and platinum. A quick consultation with one of our representatives can help you find the right spark plugs for your Dodge Ram-1500 in no time.

A Spark of Genius

In a nutshell, spark plugs start the combustion engine by igniting the flammable mixture of air and fuel within the engine. Spark plugs are built with two electrodes, which form the central point for a small explosion. As the engine operates, the spark plugs regularly continue to spark to keep the motor running. However, the spark plug loses a little bit of metal from its electrodes with each spark over time. It is a good idea to install new spark plugs every 20-40,000 miles to make sure the engine continues to function well. Come to AutoZone for a great price and advice on finding a spark plug replacement for Dodge Ram-1500 trucks.

Watch the Sparks Fly

At AutoZone, we want you to leave our stores satisfied with top-level knowledge as well as auto parts. That is why we are happy to take the time to explain the ins and outs of engine combustion so your Dodge Ram-1500 can run optimally to give you a better driving experience. On top of this, we work hard to ensure that our products are competitively priced, so stop by AutoZone first for the best prices on spark plugs. Whether you are a customer who prefers to be in and out in no time or a customer who is eager to learn more about trucks, we are here to accommodate you. With more than 5,000 AutoZone locations across the United States, you are sure to find the advice you need just down the road.

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