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Ford F150 Spark Plug

Your Ford F-150 pick-up is at the top of its class, and you love it for its rugged looks and versatile capabilities. Make sure your workhorse gets off to quick, problem-free starts with a new high-performance Ford F-150 spark plug from AutoZone.

Our top-of-the-line spark plugs for Ford F150 resist build-up from fuel additives and stand up to the daily abuse of high pressure and heat. Give your reliable ride the best with a set of durable F150 performance spark plugs from AutoZone. Our staff is knowledgeable and is here to get you the right parts at the right prices when you check out our assortment. Enjoy free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing when you visit one of our stores, or order online from AutoZone and take advantage of Same-Day Store Pickup if you need those new spark plugs right away.

The Life of Your Engine
Your Ford F150 gets the job done, when there is work to be done, there is little time to deal with a rough or skipping engine. If you put your truck through the paces, chances are good that you are due for a spark plug replacement for Ford F150. While it may seem like you changed the plugs not that long ago, keep in mind that most plugs last for around 30,000 miles before needing a change, but this lifespan can be shorter depending on how you drive your truck.

Regular Turnover
Spark plugs are found at the head of your engine and are responsible for supplying the electric current that occurs on ignition of a combustion engine. When the plug sparks to start the engine, a little of the electrode is removed. Over time, the loss of metal in the electrode is what wears a spark plug out, requiring replacement. If you have oil in your engine that gets on the plugs, they may wear out faster.

One of the biggest signs that your spark plugs are going out is if the engine has trouble starting or regularly misfires. Slow acceleration and poor gas mileage may also be symptoms of problematic spark plugs. Problems with the fuel filter, fuel injector, and oxygen sensor may also lead to issues with the plugs down the road.

Best Parts at the Best Prices
There are a lot of different options when it comes to the best spark plugs for Ford F150, and AutoZone carries a wide selection of high-quality plugs to choose from. We carry high-performance plugs that have your engine roaring to life. A high-performance option may have a slightly lower lifespan, but if you are looking for longevity, we also carry long-life iridium options. Copper spark plugs tend to have the shortest lifespan.

AutoZone offers cheap prices for spark plugs for trucks, SUVs, and cars. We save you money whether you handle the replacement yourself or take the part to a mechanic. When replacing spark plugs yourself, be sure to consult your owner's manual first. It is important to keep track of the order of the spark plugs and replace them one at a time to keep your engine running optimally.

Answers to Your Questions
Our knowledgeable technicians have the answers to your spark plug replacement questions. Check out our extensive selection of parts online to find the right spark plugs for your Ford F150 or come to your nearest AutoZone for assistance. Our Fix Finder service pinpoints issues triggering your Check Engine light and our Loan-A-Tool service ensures you have the right tools to handle a DIY replacement at home. Eligible online orders get next day delivery to get your truck up and running sooner.

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