2012 Ford Focus Spark Plug

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1-16 of 16 Results

1-16 of 16 Results
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E3 Copper Spark Plug E3.74 for 2012 Ford Focus
  • Part # E3.74
  • SKU # 1079656

2012 Ford Focus Spark Plug

Each 2012 Ford Focus spark plug kickstarts the combustion cycle to generate energy through the explosions of gas in the engine cylinders to move the vehicle. When the plugs get old, stalling, starting trouble, and engine misfires can follow. Browse our selection of 2012 Focus spark plugs, and pick the brand that's right for you.



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Instant Acceleration and Improvement


in 20 days

Switched these out right after buying a 2012 Ford Focus SE for work. I could a notice an improvement in acceleration almost instantly.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2012 Ford Focus SE

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Can't go wrong with bosch


in 3 months

This product, in tandem with the bosch ignition coils, work flawlessly for my vehicle; couldn't be happier.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2012 ford focus sel