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Honda Accord Spark Plug

Your Honda Accord is a paragon of reliability, and it only stands to reason that each component within it meets the highest standards. Upgrading to Accord performance spark plugs from AutoZone ensures that your plug fires at the temperature recommended by Honda and resists fuel additive build-up. If you count on your Accord to bring you everywhere you need to go, you aren't able to afford the delay and headache caused by an old, flat spark plug. A Honda Accord spark plug is designed with a ceramic insert that guides a high-voltage signal to the tip of an electrode where it sparks, sending a jolt to the engine block. Make sure you're covered by consulting our helpful AutoZone staff and take advantage of free diagnostic engine testing and battery charging while you shop our extensive assortment.

The Spark You Need
Spark plugs are a small but essential component of your automobile, providing the spark that is essential to internal combustion engines. Newer-model vehicles typically come equipped with special metals that last longer than traditional, copper spark plugs, but they are also more expensive. The best spark plugs for Honda Accord owners will depend on the age of your vehicle, how much you drive and your maintenance preferences. Here's an overview of the types of spark plugs available today, all of which you can find at AutoZone.

How Electrodes Work
Spark plugs are equipped with side and center electrodes, small metal cylinders at the bottom of the plug. Traditionally made of copper, the electrodes create the electrical arcs that ignite the fuel/air mixture your car runs on. Whenever a plug is fired (when you start your car), a trace amount of metal is taken from the electrode, making it shorter; this also means that more electricity is required to create that all-important arc. This process causes the plug to eventually wear out, requiring you to replace it.

Types of Spark Plugs
Along with copper electrodes, modern spark plugs are also made with platinum and iridium, which are harder metals that last longer. When considering spark plug replacement for Honda Accord, weigh the features of each type.

- Copper Spark Plugs:
Nickel electrodes wear faster and are the least expensive. They are typically best for older-model cars that have low-voltage systems.
- Platinum Spark Plugs
: Platinum electrodes last longer and burn hotter, which helps prevent fouling and deposit buildup.
- Double Platinum Spark Plugs:
With two discs to catch the sparks, this plug offers even longer life than single platinum.
- Iridium Spark Plugs:
With electrodes of even harder metal, iridium plugs have about a 25-percent-longer life than platinum and do well in harsh conditions.
- Double Iridium Spark Plugs:
Doubling up on the discs gives this type the longest life, which can be as much as four times greater than a copper spark plug.

Additional Wear Factors
Along with what type of metal the electrode is made from, other factors affect a spark plug's longevity. A spark plug can fail from leaking oil, which fouls the tip and damages the plug. If the engine timing or your car's air/fuel ratio is off, it may cause the electrode to burn faster. A clogged air filter, dirty injectors and other problems can also cause carbon to collect on the tip and foul the plug. Many of these issues can be prevented with proper and timely engine maintenance.

We'll Help You Find What You Need
Generally, the best replacement spark plugs are the ones that meet your car's original equipment specifications. For longer-lasting plugs, the harder metals are a better choice, but the trade-off is that the metals make them more expensive. At AutoZone, we can help you find the right spark plugs for your Honda Accord.

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