Nissan/Datsun Pickup Spark Plug

In most cases, replacing the Nissan Pickup spark plugs is a manageable DIY job, but it starts with selecting the right fit. Get quality Pickup performance spark plugs within your budget by shopping at AutoZone.

The right spark plugs for Nissan Pickup depend on your ride's engine. Usually, high-performance engines produce more heat, requiring cold plugs to transfer heat away from the spark plug tip. Some engines need hot spark plugs, which keeps the spark plug tip insulated by reducing heat transfer. Check with your vehicle manufacturer for the right temperature heat range plug. AutoZone offers a wide selection of quality replacement parts, including spark plugs, at your local store. You can benefit from free battery charging and free engine diagnostic testing while you shop.

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1-24 of 34 Results

1-24 of 34 Results