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NGK Ruthenium HX Spark Plug 90220

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Part # 90220
SKU # 1123108
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Part #90220
SKU #1123108
Pre-Gap Size0.044in
Thread Diameter14mm
Seat TypeTapered
Manufacturer Heat Range5
Metal TypeRuthenium
Hex Size5/8 in
Insulator Height52.5mm
NGK Ruthenium HX High Ignitability spark plugs are the best in class plug for todays modern vehicles. Patented Ruthenium technology offers the most advance tip technology and delivers the highest performance and life expectancy. Created from advanced OE technology as a high ignitability plug; Ruthenium HX spark plugs come with patented, specialized OEM DFE and PSPE tip designs. NGK Ruthenium HX High Ignitability spark plugs provide a more complete fuel burn resulting in a quicker throttle response, smoother idle and better cold starts. Ruthenium center electrode provides industry leading durability.
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    HIGH IGNITABILITY PROJECTED SQUARE PLATINUM ELECTRODE DESIGN: Combines 0.6 millimeter ruthenium center with a unique cut-back PSPE ground electrode
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    RUTHENIUM ALLOY CENTER ELECTRODE: NGK's patented ruthenium technology produces maximum performance, ignitability & durability at high temperatures
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    PSPE DESIGN: Projected square platinum electrode shape of the ground electrode provides the best ignitability and service life for high heat engines
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    SOLID COPPER CORE: 98% pure copper core offers superior heat dissipation, conductivity and ultra wide heat ranges
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    TRIVALENT METAL PLATING: Delivers superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties, ensuring ease of installation and removal
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    RECOMMENDED USAGE: Modern vehicles using OE PSPE type spark plugs or for those seeking an aftermarket plug with the latest OE technology