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Toyota Camry Spark Plug

World-renowned for its longevity and reliability, your Toyota Camry easily puts all other vehicles to shame with its ability to deliver superior power and performance for hundreds of miles. Turn your vehicle's power and performance up even more with a new set of spark plugs for Toyota Camry from AutoZone. Your Camry's reputation won't help you when your vehicle's OEM spark plugs start to malfunction. The weak and false starts, frequent loss of power and extremely rough idle are bound to wreck complete havoc on your catalytic converter, potentially causing it to fail pre-maturely.

Order and replace each plug with a new Toyota Camry spark plug from AutoZone to keep these issues at bay and prevent the need for expensive and extensive auto repairs in the near future. Shop our extensive online selection and benefit from home shipping or our Same-Day Store Pickup option if you need your new spark plugs immediately.

Keeping Your Engine Purring
Nothing seems to keep your Toyota Camry down, which is why this vehicle is so popular among drivers and has topped automobile lists for years. Even the seemingly indomitable Camry engine eventually starts to run rough or have trouble starting once the spark plugs go. Without a proper spark, there is no fuel ignition in a combustion engine, which means your vehicle is not going anywhere soon. AutoZone carries the best spark plugs for Toyota Camry to keep your engine purring the way it was meant to.

Making a Change
Spark plugs initiate the electrical current that ignites the fuel in typical combustion engines. It does this through a metal in its core, which is typically copper, iridium, or platinum. The voltage that runs through the average spark plug ranges from 20,000 to 100,000, which means this little part handles a lot of energy. The plug also aids in dissipating heat from the combustion chamber.

Over time, sparking of the plug wears down the metal. Once it is worn down enough, it becomes more difficult to ignite the engine, meaning your Camry has trouble starting or does not start at all. Other signs that you need a spark plug replacement for Toyota Camry include sluggish acceleration and low fuel economy. Fouling, oil in the engine, and trouble with the fuel injectors or O2 sensors also contribute to premature spark plug replacement.

Maintaining Your Vehicle
Spark plugs require regular maintenance and replacement, just like with a fuel filter and oil change. Most plugs last up to 30,000 miles, so replacement often occurs anywhere between 20,000 and 40,000 miles. The plugs are found at the top of the engine, though some newer vehicles may require the removal of an engine cover before accessing them. The plugs need replacing if the contacts are worn down, so remove one and inspect it carefully. Chances are good that if one needs replacing, they all need replacing.

There are a few different types of spark plugs to choose from for your replacement. Copper spark plugs have the shortest lifespan, lasting about 20,000 miles. For longevity, go with iridium or platinum plugs. AutoZone offers cheap prices on spark plugs for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Even if you take the plug to a mechanic, we save you money on parts.

Helping Hands Right Here
Our technicians have answers to your spark plug replacement questions and offer guidance in finding the right part for your needs. Our Fix Finder service aids in deciphering Check Engine light codes, and our Loan-A-Tool service ensures you have the parts you need for a DIY fix at home. Find the right spark plugs for your Toyota Camry by visiting our nearest store or browse our extensive selection online and get next day delivery on eligible orders.

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