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Volkswagen Jetta Spark Plug

Your Volkswagen Jetta is the affordable and stylish compact sedan that provides you with a smooth, economical ride. An old, worn-out spark plug keeps you from enjoying the benefits of your car, so replace it with a new Volkswagen Jetta spark plug from AutoZone.

If your spark plug isn't up to the task of igniting your engine, it's time to purchase a new, reliable Jetta performance spark plug from AutoZone. Doing the job right prevents cylinder head damage and future performance problems. If your spark plug gets too hot, it could ignite the fuel before the spark fires, so it's important to choose the right type of plug for your make and model. If you need any tools to get the job done, like a thread chaser or a spark plug socket, be sure to utilize our Loan-a-Tool program for easy DIY installation. You can even benefit from free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing the next time you visit your local AutoZone