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FEL-PRO Valve Cover Gasket VS50583R
  • Part # VS50583R
  • SKU # 729604
  • Warranty: 
Notes: Set, With spark plug tube seals; Permadry molded rubber gasket included.
FEL-PRO Valve Cover Gasket VS50610R
  • Part # VS50610R
  • SKU # 918097
  • Warranty: 
Application: To Chassis N13088
Notes: Set, With Grommets and Spark plug tube seals
FEL-PRO Valve Cover Gasket VS30055R
  • Part # VS30055R
  • SKU # 67156
  • Warranty: 
Application: Without H5D emission system
Notes: Rubber, Improved design.
FEL-PRO Valve Cover Gasket VS50266R
  • Part # VS50266R
  • SKU # 231517
  • Warranty: 
Application: Built to 08/27/1996
Notes: Set, With Semi-circular plug and Spark plug tube seals. PermaDry molded rubber gasket included. Old design.
FEL-PRO Valve Cover Gasket VS50005AC
  • Part # VS50005AC
  • SKU # 72264
  • Warranty: 
Application: Engine VIN code "X"
Notes: Set, High output. 1/4" thick. Cork.
FEL-PRO Valve Cover Gasket VS50606R-1
  • Part # VS50606R-1
  • SKU # 366807
  • Warranty: 
Notes: Without grommets and spark plug tube seals, Permadry molded rubber gasket included.
FEL-PRO Valve Cover Gasket VS50641R
  • Part # VS50641R
  • SKU # 918119
  • Warranty: 
Notes: Set, Built from 09/10/2003. With spark plug tube seals; Permadry molded rubber gasket included.
FEL-PRO Valve Cover Gasket VS50747R
  • Part # VS50747R
  • SKU # 360790
  • Warranty: 
Application: With dual overhead cam engine (DOHC)
Notes: Engine code H22A1. With Grommets and Spark plug tube seals, PermaDry molded rubber gasket included.
FEL-PRO Valve Cover Gasket VS50542R
  • Part # VS50542R
  • SKU # 572122
  • Warranty: 
Notes: Set, With grommets and spark plug tube seals, Permadry molded rubber gasket included.


Valve Cover Gasket

Top-Quality Valve Cover Gaskets for Your Vehicle
There are certain parts of your vehicle that don't show any signs of trouble until it is too late. One of these is the valve cover gasket which is crucial in the health of your engine and keeps your cylinders protected. If you are experiencing any oil issues, then it may be time to change your gasket. Luckily, AutoZone has the best valve cover gaskets for cars and trucks on the market today. 

Don't Neglect Your Valve Cover Gasket
A valve cover gasket plays an important role in the safety of your vehicle. See, this component brings together the cylinder head and the valve cover. Its seal stops oil from leaking out and spilling onto the rest of your engine. Since this gasket is constantly exposed to high temperatures and debris, it can crack causing an oil spill and leaving your cylinders exposed to the elements. A faulty or damaged valve cover gasket is more dangerous than it seems. Signs of trouble can simply begin with low engine oil levels. You may notice that you have to continuously add a quart of oil. Sometimes there can be a burning smell that stems from oil seeping onto hot engine components. Hot leaking oil can eat through other parts like spark plugs. This damage can then cause an engine misfire. These issues are why it is crucial to check your valve cover gasket frequently. If not, you can find yourself with a dangerous engine fire.

Helpful Answers From Trustworthy AutoZoners
If you notice any of these issues, you might find yourself already searching for “valve cover gaskets near me.” Today this search is easier than ever. AutoZone's great selection is sure to have the right kind of gasket for your engine. Our experts are more than eager to guide you in the right direction. This component can be tricky to install. Luckily, AutoZone's team members have the background and training to handle these tough installations. If you any concerns during this process, AutoZone's team has the answers. Each associate is trustworthy and reliable so you know that your precious vehicle is in good hands.

The Right Parts at the Right Prices
Our catalog includes components for a large array of budgets. However, you can trust that we have the lowest price on valve cover gaskets in comparison to our pricey competitors. Your wallet doesn't have to suffer from the purchase of a new part. Along with great prices, each part comes with the amazing quality that AutoZone is known for. For those looking to save the trip to the store, you can shop on our user-friendly and informative online site. Here you can find plenty of info on when to replace your part, how to replace your component and what kind of part you require. Feel free to speak with our experts online if you have any questions. Chose AutoZone for quality and for expertise.