Honda Element Air Filter

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    1-5 of 5 Results

    About Honda Element Air Filter

    Have you noticed a decline in engine performance and acceleration? If you're experiencing these problems in your Honda Element along with a rough idle, bad gas mileage, and a Check Engine light, it's probably your engine air filter. The air filter is responsible for removing dust, dirt, and other types of debris from the air that your engine needs to make combustion. If it's dirty, it could allow dirt to pass through the filter and into the engine, which causes accelerated wear. Thankfully, AutoZone has plenty of Honda Element air filter replacements.

    You'll need a new air filter for your Honda Element every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. If you don't drive often, inspect the filter at least once every year to be safe. It's also easy to determine if you need a new filter. Remove the cover and the filter from the air intake, then inspect the duct to see if there is any dust. If there is, debris is getting through the filter and it needs to be replaced.

    When you're on the hunt for Honda Element air filters, AutoZone has everything you need. From high-performance aftermarket air filters that increase horsepower to OEM replacements, we have it all. Come into your local retailer and get your new filter fast when you order online with Same Day Pickup.