Mitsubishi Mirage Air Filter

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    1-8 of 8 Results

    About Mitsubishi Mirage Air Filter

    Noticing a slow decline in the performance of your Mitsubishi Mirage? If so, your engine might be struggling to breathe because of a bad engine air filter. Every engine needs a filter to catch dust and debris that would otherwise enter your engine's intake manifold and cylinders. Debris in these places will rapidly wear down fast-moving parts like the pistons and can even lead to oil contamination. That said, there's no need to worry because AutoZone has plenty of Mitsubishi Mirage air filters in stock.

    The Mitsubishi Mirage comes from the factory with a square air filter that offers several levels of protection using pleats of synthetic and natural fibers. Filters for the Mitsubishi Mirage typically last for 15,000 miles when driving on paved roads and in good weather. On the other hand, driving on dirt, unpaved roads, or in bad air conditions like smoke or pollution will result in accelerated buildup, so you may need to change it sooner.

    If you need a replacement air filter for your Mitsubishi Mirage, AutoZone is ready to get you back on the road fast. Have the best air filters from brands you love shipped right to your door with options like Same Day Delivery on eligible orders.



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    Easy to replace yourself


    in a year

    This air filter is a perfect replacement part and cost much less than a dealer air filter for my 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage. It only take a couple minutes and is easy to do. The filter box is on top of the motor in easy reach and requires no tools to replace the filter. Save time and money and do it yourself!

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage

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    Great air filter


    in 3 years

    Definitely needed a new air filter! Thank to auto zone for helping me figure out which one I needed. Never had replaced it myself, worked perfectly!

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage