2016 Ford F150 Cabin Air Filter

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1-5 of 5 Results

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2016 Ford F150 Cabin Air Filter

Your 2016 Ford F150 cabin air filter does pretty much what it sounds like it would: it filters the air that gets pumped into your cabin to for air conditioning, heating, and using the fan. Your owner's manual will tell you precisely how long to keep one for, but when the filter starts going bad you'll experience reduced air flow through your vents, excessive noise when the fans are on high, and bad smells when the climate control is on. Browse our selection of direct replacement 2016 F150 cabin air filters and find the right one for you.



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Perfect Fit


9 months ago

The filter was the perfect fit for my vehicle. Definitely will purchase again when needed.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2016 Ford F150

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Fits perfect and Great quality


10 months ago

This replacement cabin air filter is a great price for the quality you get. Compared to having a dealer replace it this is almost a steal and can be easily done on your own.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2016 Ford F-150