2012 Nissan Datsun Rogue Cabin Air Filter

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1-3 of 3 Results
STP Cabin Air Filter CAF1849P for 2012 Nissan Datsun Rogue
  • Part # CAF1849P
  • SKU # 87583

Notes: Particulate.

  • PRICE: 15.49
  • Filter Media Material: particulate media, electro-static charged

STP Max Cabin Air Filter CAF1849M for 2012 Nissan Datsun Rogue
  • Part # CAF1849M
  • SKU # 771190

  • PRICE: 22.49
  • Width (mm): 0.79
  • Material: Antibacterial media
  • Length (mm): 7.48
  • Height (mm): 10.39

Fram FreshBreeze Cabin Air Filter CF10550 for 2012 Nissan Datsun Rogue
  • Part # CF10550
  • SKU # 77738

Notes: Caution or service label will be on glove box door if vehicle is equipped with cabin filter.

  • PRICE: 36.49
  • Item Grade: OEM Standard
  • Filter Quantity: 1
  • Recommended Replacement Interval: 15000
  • Filter Material: Pleated Cellulose-Blended Paper Filter Element, Metal Screen, Plastisol

2012 Nissan Datsun Rogue Cabin Air Filter

A 2012 Rogue cabin air filter is responsible for removing contaminants from the air that is used by the climate control system to provide clean air to the passengers. If you follow the service intervals in the owner's manual, you'll likely never have a problem. If the filter stays in the car for too long, it'll lead to less air flow and potentially louder operation of, and strange smells from, the climate control system. Find the right part for the right price when you shop for 2012 Nissan Rogue cabin air filters at AutoZone.