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Fram FreshBreeze Cabin Air Filter CF10733

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Part # CF10733
SKU # 448178
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Part #
Cabin Air Filter
Filter Media Material
Pleated Cellulose-Blended Paper Filter Element, Metal Screen, Plastisol
FRAM Fresh Breeze cabin air filter cleans and filters the air that enters through your car ventilation system. The purpose is similar to a home heating and air conditioning filter you may have in your house. It is important that you service your cabin air filter because as the filter gets dirtier the air entering your vent system could become restricted. As a result it could cause your air conditioning or your defrost system to not work as efficiently as it should.
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    FRAM recommends changing cabin air filters every 15,000 miles or by owners manual recommendations
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    Absorbs odors with Arm & Hammer baking soda
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    FRAM Fresh Breeze cabin air filters capture 98% of contaminants such as road dust and pollen
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    Improves overall driving comfort