Audi Q5 Oil Filter

Replacing your oil and oil filter can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your Audi Q5 engine running smoothly for a long time. Many of the contaminants produced by internal combustion are pulled into the engine oil, which is why you will notice it gets darker over time. The oil filter helps to extend oil life by removing a percentage of the contaminants from the oil as the engine is running, and replacement oil filters are in stock at AutoZone at a great price.

A shorter oil and filter change interval is better for your engine, so don't be afraid to replace them before the manufacturer's recommended timeframe, and always change the oil filter when you change the oil. Some Audis have an oil change recommendation of every 10,000 miles but check your owner's manual and if you are a spirited driver, consider an interval of 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

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    1-18 of 18 Results

    About Audi Q5 Oil Filter

    How to Replace Your Audi Q5 Oil Filter

    You'll have to gain access to the underside of the engine to complete the oil and filter change, so safely elevate the vehicle using ramps or a jack and jack stands. Remove the oil drain plug to drain the oil before locating the oil filter and unscrewing it from the engine. Apply a thin film of oil to the new oil filter gasket and screw it hand tight onto the engine. Install the drain plug, refill the oil, and you are set to go.

    Shop AutoZone using the year, make, model, and engine size of your vehicle to find all the Audi Q5 oil filters you will ever need. In-Store Pickup is available for free, and you can also select Home Delivery if that suits you.



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    I really liked it because all the dealers that sell my oil filter for my Audi told me, I could only buy this at their dealership, for $$$. So i decided to see what i could do. Look, Autozone did it right the first time.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2011 Audi Q5 awd