Dodge Avenger Oil Filter

A vehicle boasting a bold design and strong engine coupled with countless topnotch amenities, your Dodge Avenger is in a class of its own. Make certain it continues to run as smoothly as possible by purchasing a new Avenger oil filter from AutoZone's high-quality selection.

Dodge Avenger oil filters are tasked with catching all of the excess grime and dirt that your oil builds up as it lubricates the engine. Swapping it out is necessary for car maintenance, as skipping this step means your new engine oil moves through an old oil filter, dirtying it and rendering it less effective. AutoZone has the oil filter for Dodge Avenger you need for your Dodge, plus a reputation for providing the right products at the right prices. Buy online from us today and enjoy the benefit from our Same Day Store Pickup option for added convenience.

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    1-24 of 38 Results



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    Car runs great


    in a year

    I don't really have a preferred oil filter brand but this one works as good as any of them and the price is good.

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