Honda Prelude Oil Filter

Engines need an oil filter to keep oil clean. Clean oil helps engine components remain cool, lubricated, clean, and sealed. On the other hand, dirty oil does the opposite and leads to worn-down engine components. Luckily, AutoZone offers plenty of high-quality Honda Prelude oil filters to choose from.

Honda Prelude oil filters are simple to replace. There are a few quick steps to follow, starting with lifting the vehicle. Once the vehicle is secured, remove the old oil filter by turning it counterclockwise. For filters that don't come loose by hand, use an oil filter wrench. To install the new filter, turn it counterclockwise until it's hand-tight. Filter by year, make, model, and engine to find the right part to fit the engine in yor Prelude.

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    1-14 of 14 Results

    About Honda Prelude Oil Filter

    When to Change Your Oil Filter

    Honda Prelude oil filters should be changed when the oil is changed. For Honda Preludes, that's every 3,000 to 5,000 miles for regular oil and around 7,500 miles for synthetic oil. Vehicles that aren't driven often still need to have their filters changed. In these cases, changing the oil filter at least once a year is a good idea.

    AutoZone has all of the best Honda Prelude oil filters. Select extended-life options from brands like STP and reliable filters from manufacturers like Fram and Mobil1. Orders are also made simple with Same-Day In-Store Pickup as well as Free Next-Day Delivery on eligible orders.



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    Blow out


    in a year

    The filter took a blow out in my nice white concrete driveway.oil everywhere. Will be getting my money ba k and never use junk again. It could if been really bad gas I been driving. This filter was apparently factory damaged. Back to fram!

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 1990 honda prelude

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    Great filters


    in 3 months

    K&N oil filters, fuel filters, and air filters are the only filters I use and recommend.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 1997 Honda prelude