Hyundai Accent Oil Filter

The oil filter is a crucial component since it prevents foreign objects as well as dirt and carbon residue, from getting into the engine's internal parts. Without the oil filter, the dirty oil would cause the moving parts to wear down more quickly, directly increasing the risk of engine failure. Thankfully, the Hyundai Accent oil filters aren't difficult to replace and AutoZone is the best choice to find high-quality components from top brands.

It's simple to replace the oil filter at home. Before unscrewing the oil filter, make sure you've drained the oil from the engine. Find the oil filter, and loosen it by rotating the filter counterclockwise. Hand-remove the oil filter. Before installing the new one, coat the new gasket with a little engine oil. The replacement oil filter should then be manually installed and tightened. After replacing Hyundai Accent oil filters, top up the engine oil per manufacturer recommendations.

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    1-13 of 13 Results

    About Hyundai Accent Oil Filter

    How Often Should You Change Your Oil Filter?

    Every time you replace your oil, you should replace the oil filter. AutoZone offers Hyundai Accent oil filters from reliable suppliers, such as AC Delco, Castrol, and more. On average, vehicles need to have their oil and filter changed every 5,000 miles.

    Same-Day In-Store Pickup and Free Next-Day Delivery are just a few of the shipping options available at AutoZone. You may filter your selection by year, make, model, and engine size to get the right fit every time.



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    Better filter for longer engine life


    in 3 years

    When doing an oil change I tend to keep with the same manufacturer who made the oil. That way it is engineered to the exact specs. I tend to stick with mobil 1 and these filters are nice. Wish they would coat the bottom with a grit for easier removal the same way Fram does but I wish all external oil filters would.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2003 Hyundai Accent

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    Great fit


    in 11 days

    Good fit, my sisters car had a cheap oil filter placed by other mechanics, can’t go wrong with STP when it come to filters, FRAM as well

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? Hyundai Accent