Kia Soul Oil Filter

Your Kia Soul's engine generates plenty of heat from the combustion process and friction inside, and it's the engine oil that helps keep everything moving smoothly. And to maintain oil that's healthy and free of contamination, the engine has an oil filter that sifts it constantly. The oil filter is part of your routine maintenance, and when the time arrives for an oil change, AutoZone has Kia Soul oil filters from popular brands like Fram, STP, and Mobil 1.

Any DIYer with a few tools can complete an oil change, and that should include replacing the oil filter on your Kia Soul. First, secure your car on blocks or jack stands so you can get underneath. Then, loosen the oil pan drain plug and let all the oil out. Once it's empty, twist the old oil filter off with an oil filter wrench, then lubricate the seal on the new filter with oil and spin it on as tight as you can by hand. All that's left is to fill the oil and fire up the engine.

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    1-9 of 9 Results

    About Kia Soul Oil Filter

    When to Change Your Oil Filter

    Ideally, you should change the oil filter during every oil change on your Soul, which is roughly 7,500 miles. The filter collects abrasive materials, carbon, sludge, and other things that get suspended in the oil, and it can eventually get plugged. Change the filter on time to prevent that possibility.

    At AutoZone, you'll find everything you need to repair and maintain your Kia Soul including oil filters. Sort by year, make, model, and engine size to find the right fit for your car, then get it quickly with Free Next-Day Delivery or Same-Day In-Store Pickup.



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    Great OEM filter


    in 3 years

    For the same price as an aftermarket filter you can go with a quality Hyundai / Kia OEM filter. These are great filters at reasonable prices. The updated part number at my AutoZone is 26300-35505.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2019 Kia Soul

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    Worth the Price


    in a year

    K&N are superior filters. I only use K&N in my cars for protection that meets or exceeds OEM. AutoZone always has a good stock.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2015 Kia Soul

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    Best Oil Filter On The Market


    in a month

    This oil filter provides the extra distance a car owner needs, when you miss your car’s scheduled oil change and provides excellent performance.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2016 Kia Soul !