Subaru Crosstrek Oil Filter

Oil is an important fluid that runs through your Crosstrek's engine because it cleans, cools, lubricates, and seals moving components. Having the appropriate oil pressure also prevents valves from breaking, gaskets from leaking, and misfires. While oil is great at its job, it's sticky and will pick up contaminants as it moves through the engine. Contaminants like dirt, dust, and metal filings alter the consistency of oil and cause changes in oil pressure and diminish its ability to lubricate internal components. Every engine needs an oil filter, which are small can-like components that you install near the oil pan of a Subaru Crosstrek. To filter oil, oil filters have a microscope fiber lining that's made of natural and synthetic materials. As oil passes through the lining, contaminants are removed. Without an oil filter, dirty oil will damage your engine almost immediately.

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    1-9 of 9 Results



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    The filter is a perfect match to the surface, installed with ease, and was leak-free for the life of the oil change.

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