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1-24 of 30 Results


      Heater Hose Quick Connector

      The Purpose of a Heater Hose Quick Connector

      Your car uses a complex heating system to provide your car with the heat it needs to function properly, especially during the chilly winter months or in cold climates. To help counter the extreme heat produced by this heating system, your vehicle also requires a cooling system to absorb heat and allow it to escape from your vehicle. This is achieved primarily through coolant which is transferred from the engine into the heater core through heater hoses made from special, heavy duty materials designed to withstand extreme heat and abrasive chemicals. These hoses connect securely to the heater core or water pump through the use of heater hose quick connectors that are often made of durable plastic or metal. If you've noticed coolant leaking from your car and need to replace the hose connector fast, head down to your nearest AutoZone location and shop our inventory of the best heater hose quick connectors for cars and trucks.

      Find What You Need Fast

      With AutoZone, finding a heater hose quick connector that fits your vehicle is easier than ever. Simply visit our website or use our convenient mobile app and enter “heater hose quick connectors near me” in the search bar. This should bring up a wide variety of high-quality heater hose quick connectors to choose from by popular brands like Dorman, Help, and KAT'S Heaters. To narrow down your search, make sure to enter your vehicle's information for a list of parts that are made specifically to fit your car or truck. From here, you can easily compare prices and read reviews to help you make your selection. You'll also quickly find warranty information and have the option to pick up your new heater hose quick connector at your nearest AutoZone store the same day or have it shipped straight to your home. For higher cost orders, we even ship your parts for free.

      Get Assistance From Our Experts

      If you're struggling to find what you need online or you simply prefer to do your shopping in person, make your way to the closest AutoZone for a warm welcome and helping hand from our enthusiastic and knowledgeable AutoZoners. From advice on the best part for your car to tips on how to tackle a DIY car project with ease, we're always ready to answer your questions and help you get on the right track. At AutoZone, we offer the lowest prices on heater hose quick connectors so you can feel confident in your purchase and leave our store with the best part possible for the task at hand. While you're at it, pick up a new heater hose and the tools you need to stop any coolant leaks and prevent your car from overheating.