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Power Brake Booster Check Valve

Maintain Vacuum
The best power brake booster check valve for cars and trucks ensures the brake booster maintains a vacuum for proper function when the engine no longer runs. Most modern cars have a brake booster due to the brake safety they provide the driver and passengers. The check valve protects the brake lines from getting an air bubble by sucking out trapped air from the brake booster and preventing it from entering the brake cylinder. An air bubble in the brake lines negatively impacts their function leading to squishy brakes. Even if the engine is not running, the check valve continues to hold the vacuum suction to allow for easy, fast braking of the vehicle. Brakes that stop working or are spongy may indicate a bad check valve. A difficult to engage brake pedal can also signal an issue with the check valve.

Valve Test
Find AutoZone on your search for a power brake booster check valve near me. If you think the power brake booster check valve is faulty, there are steps you can take to test the valve. The brake booster is a dome-shaped assembly located on the driver's side on the engine compartment's rear wall. Access it by opening the hood while the vehicle is parked. A vacuum hose runs from the brake booster to the intake manifold of the engine. You can remove the hose clip or clamp with a screwdriver or pliers. A properly functioning check valve prevents air from entering the hose. Use an aspirator such as a turkey baster to try and blow air into the hose. If air enters the hose, it is time to replace the check valve. Use the aspirator to suck air out of the hose. A blocked hose or failing check valve prevents air from leaving the hose.

Affordable Brakes
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