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1-24 of 71 Results


      Vacuum Connector and Tubing

      Where to Find the Best vacuum connector and Tubing

      Replace broken vacuum tubing with the best vacuum connectors and tubings for cars and trucks. At AutoZone, we carry a wide range of tubing to repair any issue you may have with your vacuum system. Discover all the ways our vacuum tubing can help you get more out of your vehicle today.

      The Importance of a Quality Product

      Older vehicles relied on vacuum hoses and tubing for a wide range of automotive needs. Modern vehicles have passed many of these roles onto more efficient electrical systems. However, your car may still have vacuum tubing for your PCV valves and brake boosters. Just like your power steering system, your brake boosters are essential to keeping you safe while you drive. A broken seal on the vacuum tubing connecting your brake boosters can make it difficult to come to a complete stop in the event of an emergency. Don't let a simple vacuum tube or connector create an unsafe situation while you're on the road. Each of these systems relies on vacuum tubing to connect it to your intake manifold. This allows you to transmit the vacuum across multiple systems, similar to hydraulic or pneumatic systems. Choose vacuum tubing ranging from 1/16-inch to 3/8-inch diameter.

      What Makes AutoZone a Great Choice?

      Looking for vacuum connectors and tubings near me? AutoZone has a wide selection of hose diameters and various fittings for each type. From straight couplings to t-shape and y-shape connectors, you'll find everything you need to repair your worn-out tubing. Because vacuum tubing is made of rubber, regular use will wear it out over time. Extreme conditions can cause it to wear out quickly. From cracked fittings to leaking hoses, your vacuum tubing system must be completely sealed in order to operate efficiently. These innovative tubes are designed to press together and fit without the use of tools. Correct installation only requires you have a way to cut your vacuum tubing. If a single spot has worn out, chances are your entire system may be outdated and in need of replacement soon. Consider replacing your entire vacuum tubing system for hassle-free performance and long-lasting support. Most vehicles have a vacuum diagram posted in the engine compartment. If you can find a diagram you'll have a much easier job replacing this entire system. At AutoZone, we make it easy for you to find the right fittings and right tubing length and diameter you need to get the job done.

      You'll Love the Pricing and Shopping Ease

      For the lowest prices on vacuum connectors and tubings, shop online or at your local AutoZone location. Ask about any deals or discounts that may apply. Enjoy durable, easy-to-install vacuum tubing from AutoZone. Online shopping has never been easier thanks to our clear and comprehensive online catalog. For unmatched customer service, talk to a local AutoZone employee today to learn how to pick the right vacuum tubing for your vehicle.