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AC trouble in the summertime? Not cool. When your car is low on refrigerant, your vehicle's air conditioning system has to work harder to keep your car at a comfortable temperature. Keep your cool with high quality, do-it-yourself AC products, including all-in-one R134a refrigerant recharge kits, stop leak, oil products and additives - everything you need to repair and maintain your air conditioning system.

If your AC isn't as cool as it used to be, you may need a R134a refrigerant recharge kit. AC does more than cool the air, it also dehumidifies and recirculates air through the cabin. A working air conditioning system is essential to a comfortable ride, but an AC unit won't work without AC refrigerant, R134a.

R134a is pumped through the AC system to the evaporator, where cabin air condensates. This condensation allows the cabin air to exchange heat with the refrigerant. It also dehumidifies the air for optimal comfort. If your car is low on R134a, it can't cool as efficiently. And if your car is low on refrigerant, you likely have an AC leak.

Automotive AC systems are closed systems that are subject to harsh weather and damaging road conditions. Your AC has plenty of spots for refrigerant leaks to occur in metal components like the condenser, evaporator, accumulator or drier, as well as in the rubber components; hoses, O-rings, gaskets. An AC leak will lead to warmer air from your vents over time. In most cases this can be fixed with a proven stop leak additive to seal up any leaks.

When it's time for an AC recharge, turn to AutoZone. We carry R134a refrigerant, PAG46 oil, AC stop leak, AC system cleaner, and more. You can shop online for same day in-store pick up or go to your local AutoZone to find the right AC solution for you and your vehicle.