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Car Wash And Detailing

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WAX YOUR CAR THE RIGHT WAY. A good waxing protects your car’s paint and leaves it gleaming. Follow these steps to do it yourself.

Wax Your Car the Right Way

A good waxing protects your car’s paint and leaves it gleaming. Follow these steps to do it yourself.

SIX TIPS FOR WASHING YOUR CAR. Get a better wash every time with these expert tips and tricks. A great-looking shine is just a few steps away.

Six Tips for Washing Your Car

Get a better wash every time with these expert tips and tricks. A great-looking shine is just a few steps away.

HOW’S YOUR INTERIOR? Cleaning the interior of your car may be easier than you think. Find out where to start and learn how the experts do it.

How’s your interior?

Cleaning the interior of your car may be easier than you think. Find out where to start and learn how the experts do it.

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Want to make your car shine like new? A foam cannon from Chemical Guys is one of the best ways to wash any dirty vehicle, from a slightly dusty antique to a road-weary SUV. The wide fan function of Full Flow Technology can effortlessly cover huge surfaces in just one sweep. Worried about your hard-to-reach areas? Shoot a concentrated stream of foam into tight places like undercarriages and wheel wells with a turn of the Easy Adjust Foam Knob. The thick blanket of suds safely slides dirt off your vehicle, which means no scrubbing, scratches, or streaks. Whatever the conditions are, if you want a sparkling clean car fast, a quality foam cannon is your best friend.

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Most experts agree it’s wise to wash your car every two weeks. In an area where there's a lot of road salt, pollen, or other grime more regular cleaning may be necessary.

Waxing protects the vehicle from potentially damaging elements like bird droppings, road grime, UV light, and fading. The general rule is to apply a new coat of wax every 2-4 months or whenever your finish begins to lose its original shine. The type of wax you use impacts the lifespan of your work too. A traditional carnauba wax performs differently than wax infused with ceramic or graphene. The key is to wax on an interval that always keeps the clear coat safeguarded.

The duration of protection from wax depends on weather, climate and use. High-quality car wax, applied right, lasts longer on vehicles garaged in climate-controlled spaces. Wax breaks down faster on cars exposed to the outdoors, especially harsh winter weather, rough roads, or bright sunlight. To keep the finish showroom fresh, wax whenever there’s a difference in the way water beads on the paint. This could be a sign of finish losing protection.

Most of the time, yes. AutoZone carries effective products designed for oxidation removal. For light-to-moderate oxidation, these can be applied by hand. More serious damage may require a rotary polisher. Always follow oxidation removal with wax application to protect your work.

Yes, but be careful. While hydrotechnics may be a blast, proceed with caution. Anything over 1900 PSI might do your finish more harm than good.

There are three main steps to waxing a car. First, collect supplies and park in a spot out of direct sunlight. Carefully clean the vehicle to remove any grit or contaminants. Detailing clay can help ensure tiny particles are removed, rather than getting trapped in wax later. Finally, by hand or with a buffer, apply wax and polish off the excess, moving at a slow, deliberate pace.

If freshly-washed paint has a tactile texture, it may be caused by oxidation or embedded particles. Using a clay bar (or detailing clay) can help ensure a smooth, non-abrasive, contaminate-free finish that's ready for waxing.

Car detailing is the art and the craft of cleaning and restoring a vehicle to like-new condition. Detailing a car is a more precise and labor-intensive process than a simple car wash. However, when done patiently using the right products and techniques, detailing can be a relaxing project with satisfying results.

Generally, a detailer will hand clean all cosmetic aspects of the car, so one would wash, wax, and polish the exterior, vacuum and clean the interior, and clean the windshield and windows. Because many different activities can be a part of the car detailing process, it's a good idea to consider what you want to accomplish and choose the products you will use accordingly.

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That showroom finish shine might be what first caught your eye, but it doesn’t last forever. Dust and dirt accumulate sooner than you expect, a splash from the car next to you in traffic can cover the side in muddy water. Even the birds and trees conspire against your efforts to maintain a spot-free exterior.

You might think, “Who cares about my car getting dirty?” But contaminants can leave permanent marks on the paint. The luster can fade to a dull semblance of its former glory. Worse yet, dirt can hold corrosion-causing moisture against your car, creating rust sooner than you’d expect.

Fortunately, AutoZone has everything you need to wash your car and detail it to perfection.

What Supplies Do I Need for Car Detailing?

There’s a certain sense of pride in cleaning your car better than any automatic car wash can. A small investment in AutoZone detailing supplies will be much less expensive than paying for professional detailing services too.

To clean the exterior, a high-quality bug and tar remover and car wash soap will get you started, and a car wash brush or wash mitt will agitate the dirt and grime off your car. After a good scrub, rinse with clean water and dry the paint with a chamois or microfiber cloth, just like the pros use.

For premium results you can be proud of, don’t skip the scratch remover or the exterior polishing. Applied by hand or with a power polisher, the gleam off your paint is bound to garner ‘oohs and aahs’.

Shop AutoZone Car Wash and Detailing Products

Whether you’re getting back the new car look with headlight restoration or just scrubbing the weekend’s off-roading adventures from the exterior, AutoZone has all the supplies you need. We sell everything from pre-wash to the finishing polish, and all the steps in between.

Looking for more ways to make your vehicle sparkle? Check out automotive exterior accessories at AutoZone that give you a look all your own. Or add a touch of function and style inside with interior accessories for any taste or budget.

We know parts at AutoZone, and that includes everything to detail your vehicle. Regardless of whether it’s the leading wheel and tire cleaner, a spoke and rim brush, or new wheels themselves, we can help you find it at AutoZone.

Learn more about Same Day Store Pickup to get the detailing equipment and supplies and have your car shiny by tomorrow.