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1-14 of 14 Results


      Hood Scoop

      Make your ride look track ready. Hood scoops can give your car some front-end flair with a function. These air scoops mount onto your vehicle's bonnet hood to give you aggressive styling and to boost airflow into your engine compartment to be used in the engine's air intake.

      Cowl hood scoops are famous from the muscle car era, and with good reason. As drivers tried everything they could to increase power, one effective modification was the cowl induction scoop. These openings to the engine compartment allow greater air flow. Allowing more air into the engine, they work somewhat like a less powerful alternative to superchargers and turbochargers'in fact, specially designed scoops known as ram air intakes can create a resonance supercharging effect at high speeds. Other scoops are used to provide extra air for cooling superchargers or turbos.

      To be effective, a hood scoop needs to be mounted on an area of the hood that experiences high pressure. That's why many scoops are located near the vehicle's cowl at the rear of the hood where the windshield's curves create a high-pressure zone. Pressure is so high near the windshield that the scoop can even be mounted backwards as a reversed scoop.

      Additionally, the scoop should be higher than what is called the boundary layer. This is a layer of slow-moving air that clings to the vehicle's surface. Underneath the scoop, an effective scoop needs to be used. The effective scoop funnels air into the engine's intake in as directly as possible, generally through a tube.

      Scoops can be mounted directly on the hood, or they can use a shaker design, where the scoop connects to the engine and protrudes through a hole in the hood, resulting in the scoop vibrating with the engine.

      Our universal hood scoops can fit any vehicle, and they feature vent covers so you can close the scoop off when you don't want extra air to enter the engine's intake. These are bolt-on hood scoops, and they come with all necessary mounting plates and hardware.

      Get aggressive styling and extra air flow with an aluminum or ABS hood scoop. We offer free shipping with next day delivery or same day pick up at an AutoZone near you.