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1-11 of 11 Results


      Carburetor and Throttle Body Cleaner

      Can you imagine neglecting areas of your car or truck such as the tires, air filter or transmission? No responsible owner wants to put off proper maintenance. Your carburetor needs your attention as well so you can enjoy many more years of driving your vehicle.

      The carburetor mixes air and fuel in a combustible state for your engine. This crucial part also helps control the speed and regulates the proper amount of air versus the right amount of fuel in the engine. Your vehicle likely has two valves: the throttle valve and the choke valve. The throttle valve allows fuel from the gas tank to enter the carburetor, thus powering the vehicle. The engine will run faster as more air comes into the carburetor.

      You don’t have to wait until your vehicle’s carburetor becomes inoperable to do something to improve its use. When you ask, “Why should I shop for carburetor cleaners near me?” the answer should be obvious. When you use this product regularly, your carburetor will effectively send air to the engine, and you’ll have less worry that your engine will stall and sputter. The cleaner will combine with gasoline, come in contact with the carburetor and then free up wash away these unwanted varnish deposits. The results can be noticeably quick. After you use the product, you should notice smoother idling, cleaner emissions and more desirable fuel efficiency.

      You may wonder how frequently you should purchase and use this cleaner. For best results and maximum carburetor performance, aim for about every six months. The more consistently you use the cleaner, the better results you’ll see from your carburetor and from your engine in general. Many newer vehicles use fuel injection instead of a carburetor; however, if you have an earlier model, chances are good that your vehicle uses a carburetor. Instead of replacing the entire component, make sure you head to AutoZone, where you’ll find the lowest prices on carburetor cleaners. A knowledgeable associate will help you choose the right product for the make and model of your vehicle. The cleaner comes in a 16-ounce metal can. The product won’t leave an annoying residue. You’ll love the results so much that when it’s time for a new bottle, you’ll know right where to come. Experience the best performance possible from your carburetor and engine with this cleaner. Using it will help you drive your vehicle longer and farther for many years to come.