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Rislone Diesel DPF, Exhaust and Emissions Cleaner 16.9oz

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Part # 4744
SKU # 1240740
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Part #4744
SKU #1240740
DPF CLEAN™ Diesel DPF, Exhaust & Emissions System Cleaner has high-performing detergents and heavy duty cleaning solvents that effectively scrub and remove contaminants, soot, carbon build-up, and oily residue from the fuel injectors, combustion chambers, turbo, EGR, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filter and the exhaust system. These along with other active chemical agents, react with the gases created in the combustion process to remove the remaining inorganic deposits. This process restores their function and with regular use maintains efficiency.
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    EPA Registered Reduces Pollution
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    More Complete DPF Regenerations
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    Extends Diesel Particulate Filter Life
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    Clears P242F & Other OBD Codes
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    Restores DPF & Catalytic Converter
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    Reduces Exhaust Soot