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Fuel Injector Cleaner

Keep the Fuel Flowing Smoothly
When you fire up your vehicle, a complex system of components work together to make the engine run smoothly. Whether driving or idling, fuel injectors play a vital role in getting the fuel dispersed correctly to keep the engine working. Like with anything, these parts can begin to get clogged from buildup and debris over time. When that happens, AutoZone has the best fuel injector cleaners for cars and trucks.

Small Parts Do a Big Job
Without fuel injection, gas vehicles simply won't work. They rely on a mixture of gas and air delivered in the right amount to the right parts. Injectors are small components that make the engine magic happen by spraying a mist of the fuel and air mix. Depending on the vehicle, they are designed for continuous spray or timed delivery along with the cylinder strokes. When working properly, the vehicle will have a smooth throttle, start easier and enhanced fuel efficiency.

Signs Its Time for a Cleaning
Engine performance is tied to these little parts. While some signs of trouble may indicate a more serious problem that requires a skilled mechanic, issues often are associated with buildup. If they aren't optimally performing, you can count on AutoZone for the lowest prices on fuel injector cleaners to get back to smoother operations. A struggling injector can result in an engine misfire or loss of power while the vehicle is moving. If idling is becoming noticeably irregular and louder, it can indicate internal blockage. A noticeable decrease in fuel efficiency may also indicate injectors need to be cleaned.

Easy Maintenance
Luckily, keeping the injectors operating properly is as easy as adding a cleaner when fueling. Whether an old vehicle with high mileage or newer one you plan on pampering, AutoZone has the options you need. Our highly concentrated, synthetic cleaners work to cleanse the systems of debris, as well as minimize the buildup of moisture or other materials. Moisture in these parts can cause erosion, which can lead to much bigger and more expensive problems. The trusted brands we carry include a cleaner designed to balance ethanal-infused gas, which can be a main culprit of buildup. We also carry a kit that makes it even easier to get a professional-like clean in the comforts of your own garage. It comes with a compressed air tank and cleaning agent that blasts and loosens debris, as well as dissolves harmful buildup.

Vehicle Experts You can Trust
When it's time to search for “fuel injector cleaners near me,” you don't have to go far to get the expert advise and right formula. AutoZone prides itself on being your local expert on all things automotive. Our friendly expert staff have the know-how to help you find what you need at the lowest prices.