Ford F150 Carburetor

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1-24 of 176 Results

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Ford F150 Carburetor

Your Ford F150 is the perfect combination of innovation and power in a pickup. Its carburetor makes the perfect combination of air and fuel to give your truck the needed engine performance for big tasks. Obstructions in your Ford F150 carburetor lead to engine trouble, which is preventable with a better-quality carburetor from AutoZone.

The carburetor for Ford F150 provides the appropriate ratio of fuel and air to the engine so it works optimally. If there is too much fuel, the engine floods and the mixture doesn't ignite. If there isn't enough, the engine heats and fails. If your truck is showing signs of lowered engine performance, then head to AutoZone for replacement F150 carburetors at a low cost. We give you more savings and assurance of optimal functionality through our free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing.



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Problem solved

Freakin Deacon

2 years ago

This carb helped solve the hard starting issues and stalling problems that we were having with the truck. The carb was set up almost perfect out of the box. Very little adjustment was needed. Very happy with the purchase.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 1984 ford F-150 XLT