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Get an exact fit for your Honda Civic

1-24 of 35 Results

1-24 of 35 Results


      Honda Civic Carburetor

      Whether it's a cross-country road trip or a simple outing for groceries, your Honda Civic needs a carburetor that works. Replace its old, gas-guzzling one with a new Honda Civic carburetor from AutoZone, and restore balance to your fuel and your life.

      Worn-out carburetors use an excessive amount of fuel because they don't combine the proper amount of air and fuel that your engine needs. AutoZone offers a variety of Civic carburetors that provide the appropriate amount of fuel and air mixture to your engine for performance, fuel economy and overall efficiency. Take advantage of our free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing to ensure your vehicle runs right. We also offer Same Day Store Pickup, where customers order online and pick up the parts in the store of their choice.