Fuel Cap

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    1-24 of 268 Results

    About Fuel Cap

    The purpose of your vehicle’s gas cap may seem obvious; as it’s primarily to prevent gasoline from splashing out of the tank. However, additional and equally important purposes of this seal include maintaining proper fuel system pressure and even in some ways, helping the environment.

    Investing in a New Fuel Cap

    This seemingly simple replacement plays a part in minimizing your vehicle’s emissions, providing a crucial layer of protection that can prevent harmful vapors from escaping your vehicle and soiling the air around you. Many state governments opt to test gas caps for efficiency during an annual emissions test, and a cracked, chipped, damaged or missing gas cap will cause you to fail the examination.

    This is because your fuel cap helps to normalize the pressure within the tank itself and prevent harmful vapors from polluting the air. While also ensuring that toxic gasoline stays inside of your car and not spilling out in our environment. Consider adding a fuel filler neck seal to your order for further protection against spillage.

    If you’ve noticed any signs of wear on your current cap, rather than running the risk of failing your vehicle exam, or polluting the earth, grab a gas cap replacement from AutoZone. To get your part on the same day, choose Free In-Store Pickup, or enjoy Free Next Day Delivery on eligible orders.

    How to Install a New Fuel Tank Cap

    Installation of a new cap is as simple as removing the old cap and then twisting the new one into place. If the reason for replacement includes a misplaced or dropped cap, it may be time to invest in a cost effective gas cap tether, that will help prevent future mishaps at the pump.

    If you’re considering a more secure option, look no further than our assortment of locking fuel caps. These caps can be used to prevent unwelcome parties from accessing your tank, keeping the cap from twisting off without the use of the included key.

    Simplify the Ordering Process

    Whether you're sticking with a standard replacement cap, or upgrading to a locking model, AutoZone has you covered. Simply set the Year Make and Model of your vehicle above and shop gas caps, fuel doors and other fuel delivery components specifically designed for a custom fit. Enjoy Free In-Store Pickup, Free Curbside Pickup & Free Next Day Delivery on eligible fuel tank caps and other essential auto parts.