Throttle Body Unit

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    1-24 of 1019 Results

    About Throttle Body Unit

    When you press on your gas pedal, your vehicle’s throttle body opens butterfly valves to let air and fuel into the engine. As the valves open wider, more air enters the engine, so your vehicle can reach the air fuel ratio needed to accelerate. Buy a new throttle body unit and get free next day delivery or pick up your purchase today at an AutoZone near you.

    Depending on what you drive, there are a few options for how your vehicle’s throttle body works. Older cars with carbureted engines had a throttle body in the carburetor that used the engine vacuum and mechanical movement to deliver more fuel as the gas pedal is further depressed. Vehicles with fuel injected engines feature the throttle body as part of the air intake system, and it is typically located between the air filter and the intake manifold on modern vehicles. These are called throttle body injected (TBI) systems. For these engines, only air is regulated by the throttle body. Some engines have one TBI unit, some have one for each cylinder, and some have some amount in between. They are connected to the gas pedal, either mechanically or electronically with a wire, so that the valve can open when the pedal is pressed.

    At the same time, the throttle position sensor and the airflow sensor, which detects increased airflow from the open throttle body unit, both send signals to the ECU that indicate the driver has stepped on the pedal, so the ECU can route more gas to the fuel injectors.

    High idling, vacuum leaks, and electrical problems can be signs that your throttle body unit needs repairs. Sometimes the engine computer may turn on the check engine light and even put the vehicle into limp home mode (LHM) or limp mode. This is when your vehicle restricts engine power to prevent a damaged sensor from letting the engine damage itself while still letting you drive home.

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