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Cardone New Fuel Injection Throttle Body 6E-6000

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A1 Cardone1105410
Part # 6E-6000
SKU # 1105410
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Part #6E-6000
SKU #1105410
All CARDONE 100% New Electronic Throttle Bodies are guaranteed to fit and function like the original due to our proprietary engineering standards. Each unit is built and tested as a complete assembly to ensure quick installation and reliable performance. All components match O.E., ensuring accurate air flow in all driving conditions and peak engine performance.
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    Critical components used in manufacturing the electronic throttle body, including the housing, throttle plate, position sensors, throttle actuator motor and throttle plate return spring conform to precise O.E. dimensions.
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    Each throttle body is tested for all critical functions, including response time and air flow at multiple points, ensuring an optimal fuel/air ratio.
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    100% computerized testing of motor, throttle position sensor and articulation ensures reliable and consistent performance.
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    Each unit is guaranteed to fit and function like the original.